Modern Proposal InDesign Template

Modern Proposal InDesign Template
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It also includes a 3mm Bleeding setting for a professional print-ready finish.

Craft an impressive project proposal with this stylish Modern Proposal InDesign Template. The clean and contemporary design lends itself to any project, making your pitch stand out for all the right reasons. It's thoughtfully designed to cover all aspects of your project pitch including a brief, case-studies, timeline, and estimate.

The template is anything but basic. It features 24 unique pages accompanied by two distinct cover options, giving you the creative freedom to tailor your proposal to your project's unique needs. Whether you prefer the standardized A4 or US Letter formats, this template has you covered. It also includes a 3mm Bleeding setting for a professional print-ready finish.

The Modern Proposal InDesign Template's underlying structure is also quite appealing. It offers masterpages for consistent design elements, automatic page numbering for easy navigation, and a grid-based layout for a clean, organized visual structure. Its design flexibility extends to the choice of fonts, as it comes with a free font option, ensuring your proposal communicates your ideas effectively and elegantly.

Details & Features

  • 24 unique pages and 2 creative Cover designs
  • A4 and US Letter formats with 3mm Bleeding option
  • Indd, Idml file types for ultimate compatibility
  • Free font included
  • Print-ready design with bleed for professional output
  • Automatic page numbering for seamless navigation
  • Masterpages and Grid-based Layout for consistent, clean design

Why We Like It

The Modern Proposal InDesign Template exhibits a perfect blend of structure and artistry. We love how its clean lines, sleek design, and great functionality combine to produce an effective and impactful proposal tool. Furthermore, it allows for extensive customization, empowering users to make every proposal extraordinarily unique and memorable.