Monolith – Minimal Sans Font

Monolith – Minimal Sans Font
First alternate image for Monolith – Minimal Sans Font
Second alternate image for Monolith – Minimal Sans Font

Monolith is an ultra-minimalist font with a thin letter design, making it the perfect choice for modern businesses and creative agencies looking for a sleek and sophisticated look. The font family consists of two contrasting versions, Light and Regular, each with corresponding true italics.

Each variant was specifically designed with careful consideration of curves, details, and spaces to ensure that the font is as legible as possible. This attention to detail makes Monolith an excellent choice for logos, business cards, and website designs.

Features of This Font

  • OTF format
  • Uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, & punctuation
  • Two styles – light, regular
  • OpenType features
  • Multilingual support

Why We Like It

Its attention to detail and legibility make it an excellent choice for a wide range of design projects, and its multilingual capabilities ensure that it is accessible to designers around the world. In addition, its unique combination of modernist shapes with slight grotesque touches gives it a distinctive and memorable look that is sure to make any design stand out.