Moody Lifestyle Lightroom Presets

Moody Lifestyle Lightroom Presets
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The package includes .xmp, .lrtemplate, and .dng files, catering to multiple editing needs.

Introduce a touch of drama and depth to your photography with our Moody Lifestyle Lightroom Presets. Professionally designed to enhance the intricacy of shadows, produce rich colours, and impart a modern film-like effect, these preset create an evocatively moody aesthetic. Perfect for photographers, designers, and even the passionate Instagrammer, these presets work beautifully with varied types of photos to deliver a consistent stylish look.

The presets are impressively easy to use, requiring just a single click to transform your images, thanks to a professionally honed balance of colour, exposure, contrast, and more. Crucially, the presets don’t alter your image's original White Balance, ensuring your final result remains true to the preview image. Moreover, they're readily customizable for those seeking a more personalised touch and are compatible with both MAC & PC.

Whether you're working with high-resolution images or smaller files, these presets have been designed to work flawlessly. The package includes .xmp, .lrtemplate, and .dng files, catering to multiple editing needs. Moreover, these presets support a variety of file types including .jpg, .tiff, and RAW, and require Adobe Lightroom from 7.x (earlier versions also supported) and Adobe Photoshop>Adobe Camera Raw 7.0 or higher.

Details & Features

  • Professional & unique results with one-click
  • 100% non-destructive editing
  • Designed for photographers, designers, bloggers & Instagrammers
  • Preserves original White Balance
  • Single click use + FAQ file + Free support
  • Easy to customize
  • Compatible with both MAC & PC and various resolutions

Why We Like It

The Moody Lifestyle Lightroom Presets are not just presets, they're creators of ambiance, evoking depth and moodiness that resonate with viewers. Their seamless blend of professional quality output, ease of use, and customizability sets them apart. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a social media enthusiast, these presets are an asset, promising exquisite stylization in every photo.