Movie Heroes Cinema LUTs

Now, color grading your videos becomes quicker, slicker, and more productive.

Give your videos the Hollywood touch with the Movie Heroes Cinema LUTs package. Designed to elevate your video edits, this pack comprises 30 unique LUTs, each offering versatile color options. Now, color grading your videos becomes quicker, slicker, and more productive.

Included in this pack are 30 Movie Heroes LUTs and an additional 42 "Log to Rec 709" LUTs, sure to satisfy all your color grading needs. Ideal for films, TV shows, social media videos, presentations, and beyond, these LUTs are incredibly user-friendly. Simply import the presets or drag and drop a LUT onto your footage for an instant color transformation.

This child-pack of the Mega LUTs bundle drenches your videos in stunning, professional-grade colors irrespective of resolution. Make your movies, social media posts, documentaries, and opening shots modern, sophisticated, and visually engaging. Send your gratitude to ArchitectSound, the genius behind the captivating track used in our video preview.

Details & Features

  • 30 unique Movie Heroes LUTs
  • 42 "Log to Rec 709" LUTs
  • Excellent for all kinds of videos
  • Extremely easy to use, with option to drag and drop
  • Works in any resolution
  • Part of the larger Mega LUTs bundle
  • Professional-grade color grading

Why We Like It

What sets this package apart is its union of functionality and creativity. Suitable for a wide range of video types, Movie Heroes Cinema LUTs pack delights us by simplifying color grading while delivering outstanding results. It's a valuable addition to any video-editing toolkit, irrespective of one’s experience level or project scale.