Multi-Screen Laptop Mockup

Multi-Screen Laptop Mockup
The Multi-Screen Laptop Mockup is an ideal tool for showcasing website designs.

The Multi-Screen Laptop Mockup is an ideal tool for showcasing website designs. It effectively presents multiple screens of a design simultaneously within a single frame. This unique feature enables viewers to get a comprehensive overview of a website design in one simple glance.

This mockup's incorporation of a Smart Object allows for smooth adjustment of design elements. Users can simply drag and drop their design components into place, making the process surprisingly uncomplicated. Furthermore, the colouring of the mockup can easily be altered using solid colour layers, promoting a high degree of customization.

Enjoy the added benefit of high-resolution quality at 300 dpi with this Multi-Screen Laptop Mockup. This not only guarantees a clear, sharp image but also means this mockup is suitable for commercial use. Please note that while this product offers premium quality, it doesn't include the sample design in the downloadable file.

Details & Features

  • Showcases multiple screens of a website design
  • Uses Smart Object for smooth design adjustment
  • Easy drag and drop functionality
  • Colour changeable with solid colour layers
  • High resolution at 300 dpi
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Does not include sample design in the download file

Why We Like It

We recommend the Multi-Screen Laptop Mockup for its practical features and ease of use. The ability to display multiple screens in one scene provides a comprehensive view of a website design, and the high-resolution and customization capabilities make it a powerful tool for design professionals and hobbyists alike.