Multipurpose iPad Mockup Templates

Multipurpose iPad Mockup Templates
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This makes it a versatile tool for presenting designs in various contexts.

Multipurpose iPad Mockup Templates are a collection of 4 minimal iPad mockups, perfect for showcasing your designs in a professional and realistic manner. They include a variety of multipurpose scenes for the iPad and iPhone, tailored to highlight and bring out the best of your project. The mockup allows for editable shadows and backgrounds, and comes with a convenient PDF guide, aiding you in customizing each scene to suit your needs.

The sophistication of these templates ensures a seamless integration of your designs into the mockups. The PSD Photoshop format includes smart object features, enabling you to quickly replace the current design with your own. The high-resolution imagery ensures your creations maintain their quality and clarity. More so, the flexibility to change backgrounds and object colors means the templates can adapt to any style or brand aesthetics.

These mockups are primed for both bright and dark designs, and come equipped with a feature for adjusting shadows and specular/highlight effects. Layers and folders are meticulously organized, adding to the user-friendly nature of this asset, and making it an ideal part of any designer's toolkit. A straightforward and easily comprehensible guide is included.

Details & Features

  • Set of 4 PSD Phone And Tablet High Resolution
  • Changeable background and objects color
  • Separate object and shadow
  • On/off or Decrease/increase shadows and specular/highlight effect
  • Good look for bright and dark designs
  • Available for transparent background
  • Easy to use with Smart-Object
  • Organized layers and folders

Why We Like It

The Multipurpose iPad Mockup Templates offer a high degree of flexibility and customization. This makes it a versatile tool for presenting designs in various contexts. The detailed and easy-to-use guide included is a significant advantage, and the quality of the mockups ensures your projects always stand out.