Nature Lightroom Presets

Not all photos manage to capture the true essence and magic of nature.

Not all photos manage to capture the true essence and magic of nature. That’s where the Nature Lightroom Presets step in, enabling you to transform average pictures into extraordinary captures of life. This set of 10 presets offers spectacular enhancements tailored particularly for nature shots like trees, skies, flowers, or cloud formations.

Interval from the subtle "Faded Mountains" preset, rendering a soft, faraway ambience, to the "Shadow Revealed" preset, perfect for brightening overly dark photos. The "Soft Forest Fog" can enrobe pictures with an ethereal glow, while "Cold Blue Winter" lends a frosty touch to snowy landscapes. Whether you aim to highlight a stormy cloud's contrast or accentuate autumn hues, these presets offer an exhaustive range.

To top it off, this set includes 12 high-resolution nature stock photos. From the grainy charm of a vintage-style picture to the crisp detail of an up-close capture, you have an entire gamut to experiment with. Create, edit, and add your personal touch effortlessly with these Lightroom presets.

Details & Features

  • Includes 10 unique and versatile nature-oriented presets.
  • Packaged with 12 high-resolution nature stock photos.
  • Files are in .xmp format.
  • Compatible with Lightroom CC 7.3 or newer.
  • Can be used with Photoshop CC with Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Functional with both RAW and JPEG photos.
  • Comes with a detailed "read me" file for installation guidance.

Why We Like It

We would readily recommend the Nature Lightroom Presets not only for its range and versatility, but also for the easy and almost intuitive transformation it offers. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a beginner, this creative asset lets you inject remarkable depth and a soulful appeal to your photos of nature.