First alternate image for Nedo
Second alternate image for Nedo
Nedo is a dynamic display font offering both standard and condensed versions.

Nedo is a dynamic display font offering both standard and condensed versions. It exhibits a retro vibe that beautifully complements the styles of neon signs, logo designs and T-shirt prints. A seamless blend of form and function, Nedo brings a unique aesthetic appeal to any design.

The bold geometric lines that inspire Nedo anchor its distinct style. Interestingly, its design foundation is drawn from the creativity of Nedo Mion Ferrario, a renowned artist. Using strong lines and firm geometrics, Nedo's design pays homage to Ferrario's work.

Nedo is not just about aesthetics: it also boasts of utility. A wide range of ligatures and alternate characters provide ample options for creative expression. Whether you are designing a layout, creating an artistic representation, or setting a style statement, Nedo provides ample stylistic choices.

Details & Features

  • Single weight display font
  • Retro style
  • Both standard and condensed versions available
  • Inspired by the works of Nedo Mion Ferrario
  • Includes a large set of ligatures
  • Features alternate characters for versatility
  • Perfect for neon signs, logo designs and T-shirt prints

Why We Like It

Nedo is an all-rounder font that is oozing with versatility and aesthetic appeal. Its basis in geometric lines adds a unique touch to any design, while offering a generous variety of ligatures and characters, providing maximum flexibility. Its suitability for various formats, from neon signs to T-shirts, makes it a must-have for any designer.