Nordica Viking Style Font

Nordica Viking Style Font
It effortlessly imparts a taste of ancient mystique to any design work.

Unleash the power of the northern wilderness with Nordica, a hand-sketched blackletter font. Its rustic, Viking-inspired touch, akin to that of ancient runic inscriptions, guarantees to infuse your design works with a bold and robust aesthetic, reminiscent of the Soul of the North itself.

Nordica is versatile and adaptable, fitting perfectly within a varied range of applications such as typography posters, apparel design, branding, logos, greeting cards, and invitations. It's a testament to the old saying that the medium is the message, as each stroke serves as a lingering echo of Nordic heritage.

This font comes in upper-case characters only, and includes numerals and basic punctuation. Refined in its simplicity, Nordica is an ideal companion for any designer looking to evoke a strong, nordic touch in their projects, broadening their storytelling palette with a distinct and robust typeface - a true heir to Viking runes.

Details & Features

  • Hand-sketched blackletter font
  • Upper-case characters only
  • Includes numerals and basic punctuation
  • OTF format
  • TTF format
  • Nordic, runic inspired aesthetic
  • Great for a range of uses including logos, greeting cards, invitations, and posters

Why We Like It

We love the Nordica font for its versatility and unmistakably Norse flair. It effortlessly imparts a taste of ancient mystique to any design work. Its upper-case letters emit a bold, commanding presence, perfect for creating eye-catching headers and titles. It’s a powerful tool that allows your designs to tell stories filled with northern soul.