Nostalgia Vintage Lightroom Mobile Presets

The bundle is not just about great results, but also an enjoyable creative journey.

Craft cherished visual narratives with the Nostalgia Vintage Lightroom Mobile Presets. This bundle contains 11 unique presets, each designed to infuse your shots with an attractive vintage aesthetic. No matter whether you're using Lightroom's mobile or desktop versions, these presets are superbly compatible, also doubling as Photoshop Actions for added flexibility.

With just one click, the Nostalgia Effect Mobile Lightroom Presets transport your portraits to a different era, while adding a polished, professional finish. Crafted by a seasoned Lightroom expert, these presets are entirely adjustable to your needs and taste. Although not all filters will suit every image, a bit of fine-tuning can render stunning results. These presets are suitable for a host of genres - be it fashion, landscape, wedding, lifestyle or interior photography.

These editable presets not only offer high-quality outcomes but also maintain a non-destructive workflow. The bundle also includes handy help instructions in a detailed PDF file, ensuring smooth application for everyone. Prior tests confirm the presets' efficacy and adaptability.

Details & Features

  • 11 preset options for diverse looks
  • Compatible with Lightroom mobile and desktop versions
  • Also available as Photoshop Actions
  • Single-click application for ease-of-use
  • Highly adjustable and customizable according to your vision
  • Non-destructive workflow
  • Includes detailed PDF instructions for guidance

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the Nostalgia Vintage Lightroom Mobile Presets for their incredible ability to recreate vintage effects effortlessly. The utmost consideration for user experience is evident: with a single click, your photos can transform beautifully, and the option to adjust and customize adds that perfect personalized touch. The bundle is not just about great results, but also an enjoyable creative journey.