Orblack Annual Report Template

Orblack Annual Report Template
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Introducing the Orblack Annual Report Template.

Introducing the Orblack Annual Report Template. This resource comes equipped with 15 print page templates and offers two size options: A4 and letter size. Variety is at the heart of this product, ensuring you can tailor it perfectly to any project requirements you may have.

Designed with Adobe Indesign, the Orblack template embraces professionalism with its print-ready document. Its well-structured design makes use of master pages, paragraph style and automatic page numbering that aligns to a column and grid. Furthermore, you can effortlessly modify the brand colors via the color palette, allowing the template to adapt to your company's visual identity.

Providing ease and familiarity, the Orblack Annual Report Template's files are delivered in both IDML and INDD interchange InDesign formats. Please note that the package does not include images preview and mockups. However, the template features free fonts which are readily available within the mainfile.

Details & Features

  • Adobe Indesign template
  • Print-ready document
  • Master Pages
  • Paragraph Style
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Aligned to a Column and Grid
  • Edit brand colors through palette
  • 15 Pages
  • A4 Letter Size
  • Free fonts used

Why We Like It

Orblack Annual Report Template balances simplicity with functionality. Its broad array of pre-designed pages and intuitive user interface makes report compilation less daunting. Furthermore, its versatility, combined with the ability to alter brand colors, provides an easy way to reflect any brand's identity while maintaining an exceptional degree of professionalism.