Paper Bag MockUp

Paper Bag MockUp
The 4 pre-made color filters enhance the photorealistic nature of the mockup.

Set your bakery or coffee shop packing design apart with the stunning Paper Bag MockUp. This versatile and beautifully designed mockup features different angles and shots with 9 different PSD files, rendering your work not only captivating but also easy and efficient. Ideal for demonstrating your designs in a realistic and professional manner, Paper Bag MockUp provides a distinct platform for showcasing your branding prowess.

The Paper Bag MockUp is designed with convenience in mind. Its simple structure, coupled with smart objects, makes replacing and customizing your designs feel effortless. Alongside its superb photorealistic look, this mockup pack's key attributes include fully layered PSD, easy compositing shadows, and automatic background perspective. You'll appreciate the freedom this mockup provides in terms of color and design elements customization, including the option to turn the sticker and window on or off.

The quality is backed up by functional features. Notably, the easy-to-cut-out attribute paired with all masks included, facilitates the extraction and utilization of your designs’ elements. The 4 pre-made color filters enhance the photorealistic nature of the mockup. Users will appreciate the easy file structure with a handy help file and a video tutorial that guides you through the usage of the mockup.

Details & Features

  • 9 PSD with different shoots
  • Changeable paper color
  • Sticker ON / OFF
  • Window ON / OFF
  • Editable window shape
  • 10 background texture
  • Automatic background perspective
  • Easy for compositing shadows
  • Easy to cut out – all masks included
  • 4 premade color filters
  • Photorealistic look
  • Fully layered PSD
  • Easy file structure with help file
  • 4000×3000 px, 150 DPI
  • Videotutorial

Why We Like It

We like the Paper Bag MockUp for its simplicity, versatility, and realism. Being very user-friendly, it allows you to express creativity freely and efficiently. With a wide range of customizable options and an easy-to-follow video tutorial, even less experienced designer will find joy using it. This mockup is designed not just to hold your artwork, but to enhance and elevate it.