Paris Vintage Font

Paris Vintage Font
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It's unique, versatile and simply fantastic.

Immerse yourself in the allure of the past with 'PARIS', a new Vintage Sans Serif font designed to meet all your headline needs. Crafted by experienced graphic designers, this font unites the enchanting vibe of a bygone era with a fresh modern twist, offering a gorgeous aesthetic appeal for your design projects.

Inspired by countless requests from various companies for graphics that blend vintage elements with contemporary style, the creators of 'PARIS' embarked on a journey of inventive brainstorming. They diligently crafted this unique font to bring their creative vision to life. Exuding an intriguing mix of historical charm and modern sophistication, this font is perfect for those seeking to flavor their creations with a touch of vintage, even when working with limited space.

Aptly named 'PARIS', this font encapsulates the timeless elegance of the city and its vintage ambience. The font includes a full set of uppercase letters, multilingual characters, numerals, and punctuations. Whether you’re creating the headline for a poster or designing a hip cafe logo, PARIS ensures a blend of old-world charisma and modern grace in every character.

Details & Features

  • All uppercase letters
  • Multilingual characters
  • Numerals
  • Punctuations
  • Available in three formats: .otf, .ttf, .woff
  • Perfect for headlines
  • Blends vintage with modern styles

Why We Like It

We recommend 'PARIS' for its seamless merging of delightful vintage style with modern simplicity. It's an ideal choice for creative heads who wish to deliver distinctive design projects brimming with personality and a sense of the past, all while keeping a finger on the pulse of contemporary design trends. It's unique, versatile and simply fantastic.