Parlour Sans Old-School Font

Parlour Sans Old-School Font
The versatility and rich detailing of this font make it a favorite in our collection.

Remember the signature stylings of Parlour? Prepare to be delighted by Parlour Sans! This display typeface is a unique homage to the eclectic realms of Movember, menswear brands, tattoo parlors, and barbers. Designed with an air of vintage and tradition, this distinctive font from the house of Parlour is an ideal pick for your upcoming endeavours.

What's unique about Parlour Sans is its textured expression in the lowercase while retaining a crisp, unblemished look in uppercase. No matter what you’re creating, whether it's a brand identity or designing a restaurant menu, this old-school font helps exhibit an authentic, original vibe. Designed meticulously with the "Glyphs" software, Parlour Sans boasts of exceptional detail, depth, and character.

Released in the OTF format, Parlour Sans is extremely accessible. The font features a full range of characters, with a complete alphabet, numbers, punctuation, and additional glyphs. All this makes Parlour Sans not just a typeface, but a tool to craft stories and create lasting impressions.

Details & Features

  • Inspired by Movember, menswear brands, tattoo shops, and barbers
  • Perfect old-school display font for projects
  • Lowercase letters with applied texture
  • Uppercase letters presented without degradation
  • Created using "Glyphs" software
  • Released in the OTF format
  • Includes full alphabet, numbers, punctuation and extra glyphs

Why We Like It

Parlour Sans has a distinct identity. The texture in lowercase and clean-cut uppercase captures a vintage appeal that's effortlessly captivating. It embraces diversity in design, making it broadly applicable while retaining its peculiar charm. The versatility and rich detailing of this font make it a favorite in our collection.