Persona – Creative PowerPoint Template


Featuring a total of 150 slides, the Persona template offers a wide range of options for creating different kinds of presentations. Whether you are presenting to clients, colleagues, or stakeholders, this template has everything you need to deliver a clear and compelling message.

One of the key features of the Persona template is its ability to customize your presentation with 5 different pre-made color schemes. This allows you to easily adapt your presentation to different contexts, audiences, and branding guidelines. Whether you prefer a more subtle or vibrant color scheme, the Persona template has you covered.

Features of This Presentation Template

  • 150 total slides
  • 5 color variation
  • Based on master slides
  • Handcrafted infographic
  • Drag & drop picture placeholder
  • Available in PowerPoint, Keynote & Google Slides formats

Why We Like It

The Persona template is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to create and edit slides with ease. With its drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily add your own content, images, and graphics to make your presentation more engaging and informative.