Photografos Logo Template

Photografos Logo Template
It is built for compatibility with both print and digital applications.

The Photografos Logo Template effortlessly combines style and functionality, making it the perfect choice for a photography app or an online service. Designed with a modern, versatile and chic aesthetic, this template could easily redefine your brand's visual identity.

This logo template is a dream for designers, with its easy-edit design in both Illustrator and EPS (v10) formats. It guarantees 100% vector quality, ensuring that the logo remains crisp and clear, irrespective of the size or ratio. Furthermore, the color and text can be effortlessly tweaked to align with your brand.

Going beyond aesthetic appeal, the Photografos template is equally impressive for its practical functionality. It is built for compatibility with both print and digital applications. Whether you're looking to reinforce your web branding or create a fresh, impactful visual for print media, this template adapts to your requirements.

Details & Features

  • Modern and versatile design
  • Easy to edit color / text
  • 100% vector for maximum clarity
  • Resizable for both print and web branding
  • Available in Illustrator and EPS (v10) formats
  • CMYK color mode for optimal print output

Why We Like It

Apart from its sleek design, the Photografos Logo Template strikes a perfect balance between adaptability and style. It is immensely versatile, suitable for virtually any branding context, yet makes no compromise on visual appeal. The ease of editing makes it accessible for all, making it a worthwhile addition to any designer's toolbox.