Portrait Postcard Mockup Template

Plus, its uncommon portrait orientation adds uniqueness to your work.

The Portrait Postcard Mockup Template is uniquely crafted for those who appreciate the less common portrait orientation. As a desktop-themed template, it provides a simple, modern approach for showcasing your designs. It boasts five high-quality, fully layered PSD files, each of which adds a distinct appeal to your creative pieces.

Powerful and versatile, each PSD file is embellished with tasteful photo filters, smart objects and various decorative elements like wooden pencils and a lush green pot plant. The template design paints a larger picture beyond just your postcard- it's a clear glimpse into a space, perhaps a designer's desk, filled with creativity and inspiration.

To cater to different design needs, the template accommodates a postcard size of 4.3x6 inches. The mockup is incredibly user-friendly, serving as an intuitive and effective medium for poster designers to truly bring their ideas to life.

Details & Features

  • Unique portrait orientation
  • Desktop-themed
  • Includes five fully layered PSD files
  • Features photo filters and smart objects
  • Distinct decorative elements
  • Accommodates a size of 4.3x6 inch postcards
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive design

Why We Like It

We recommend the Portrait Postcard Mockup Template due to its modern, clean feel, and the completeness it brings to the story behind each design. Its bundle of functional features like photo filters, smart objects, and decorative elements contribute to the creation of standout designs. Plus, its uncommon portrait orientation adds uniqueness to your work.