Reidfork Typeface + Textpress

Reidfork Typeface + Textpress
Alongside the Reidfork Typeface, you also get a bonus vector pack.

Reidfork Typeface + Textpress is a unique package that brings together the charm of vintage aesthetics and the sophistication of modern design. The asset features a serif font that comes in three distinct versions: regular, hand-drawn, and hand-drawn rough. This makes it an ideal pick for anyone looking to add a touch of creativity to their graphic design projects.

This product offers more than just a font. Alongside the Reidfork Typeface, you also get a bonus vector pack. This enables you to take your design work to a whole new level, particularly those seeking a vintage hand-drawn feel. Plus, the package includes a tutorial on how to create your own Vintage Textpress design.

One of the standout features of Reidfork Typeface + Textpress is the versatility it offers. Not only does it work superbly with text, but it also lets you customize the settings for shape and raster. This is possible even with basic understanding of key effects in Adobe Illustrator such as inner glow and film grain.

Details & Features

  • Reidfork Regular font
  • Reidfork Handdrawn font
  • Reidfork Handdrawn Rough font
  • Bonus Vector Pack
  • Vintage Textpress tutorial
  • Compatibility with various design software
  • Usable with both text and shapes

Why We Like It

What wins us over with the Reidfork Typeface + Textpress asset is its beautiful fusion of the old and the new. Its versatility, allowing it to be used with both text and graphics, is highly commendable. The bonus tutorial and vector pack further adds to its value, making it a creative goldmine for graphic designers.