Retrofunk Script & Serif Fonts

Retrofunk Script & Serif Fonts
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Immerse yourself in the feel of the groovy '70s with our Retrofunk font.

Immerse yourself in the feel of the groovy '70s with our Retrofunk font. This typography method blends old-school patterns and mod-retro styles to create a truly unique design experience. From a time when advertisement was an art, Retrofunk brings a touch of nostalgia with its seriffed script and distinct vintage aesthetic.

Following on the heels of our popular Groovy Script, Retrofunk Script was born from a deep appreciation for vintage typography. With three different fashion-forward styles to choose from, this font set provides the perfect platform for dynamic and varied design work. Whether you're creating an iconic logo, an eye-catching signboard or a sleek wordmark, these fonts lend themselves to a range of creative applications.

Packed with hundreds of alternate characters and PUA Unicode compatible, Retrofunk Script is the ideal tool for creating distinctive and compelling designs. Dare to be bold and strong, to craft artistic and varied typography for flyers, posters, t-shirts, book covers, titles, and so much more. Let your creativity run wild, and remember – the only limit is your imagination.

Details & Features

  • Inspired by 70's advertising
  • Three distinct styles: Retrofunk Script, Retrofunk Serif, Retrofunk Xtrude
  • Ideal for logos, signboards, and wordmarks
  • Includes hundreds of alternate characters
  • Compatible with PUA Unicode
  • Offers creative flexibility for varied design work

Why We Like It

We love Retrofunk Script & Serif Fonts for their authentic retro appeal. The variety within the font set allows for true creativity and the freedom to craft distinctive designs. Moreover, the packed extras provide versatility, while the PUA Unicode compatibility makes it easily accessible for designers of all levels. This font set is a fun, nostalgic piece of the 70's, brought to life in the present day.