Seamless Ginkgo Pattern

Seamless Ginkgo Pattern
Indeed, it's a pattern designer's dream come true.

The Seamless Ginkgo Pattern is a visual blend of the past and the present, incorporating elements of both classic and vintage seamless patterns. Boasting an exclusive design, it resonates deeply with a retro aesthetic that makes it an ideal resource for apparel designs and other visual projects in both print and digital formats.

The creative asset provides an easily editable vector illustration of gingko leaves using a clipping mask. This unique pattern mirrors a bygone style and yet, maintains a contemporary application spectrum. By bringing together the best of both worlds, the designer has created a versatile pattern that visually complements myriad design contexts.

The Ginkgo Pattern comes in two convenient formats: EPS, for designers seeking easy customization options; and a high resolution (5000x5000 pixels) JPG, for designers looking for immediacy and compatibility across different platforms and devices. Its versatility, coupled with the artistic charm, provides for limitless possibilities in design.

Details & Features

  • Unique Design: Blends vintage and classic elements
  • Fits seamlessly in apparel and a range of print and digital designs
  • Available in Editable Vector EPS (CS2) format
  • Also available in High Resolution JPG format (5000x5000 pixels)
  • Suitable for application in a variety of design contexts and aesthetic requirements
  • Easily editable features thanks to vector format

Why We Like It

We are utterly captivated by the Seamless Ginkgo Pattern for its adept fusion of vintage and modern elements. Beyond its visual appeal, we appreciate its versatility, having been designed for easy customization and compatibility across a spectrum of design contexts and formats. Indeed, it's a pattern designer's dream come true.