Simple Marker Hand-Made Font

Simple Marker Hand-Made Font
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This makes the font incredibly versatile and broad in its utility.

Simple Marker Hand-Made Font is the perfect resource for anyone seeking a distinctive yet minimalistic font. Each character holds a unique appearance, designed to mimic the simplicity and creativity of handwriting. The beauty of this font lies not only in its ability to appear individually crafted, but also in its versatility to fit into countless designs and compositions.

Boasting of both uppercase and lowercase letters, Simple Marker also includes numbers and symbols. This makes the font incredibly versatile and broad in its utility. Whether you're working on a children's book, designing a logo, or drafting an engaging heading, Simple Marker brings a personalised touch to every creative endeavour. The candor of summer and the feel of holidays are perfectly captured in this font, making it a delight for designers across different niches.

In terms of format, Simple Marker serves designers in multiple ways. It comes in .OTF, .TTF, and .EOT files to suit different designing and typesetting needs. The font supports Unicode and includes Basic Latin characters, further broadening its appeal across international projects.

Details & Features

  • Specially designed simple character design
  • Hand-crafted appearance
  • Includes uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Features numbers and symbols
  • Available in .OTF, .TTF, .EOT file formats
  • Supports Unicode
  • Includes Basic Latin characters

Why We Like It

We love Simple Marker because it brings a personal, handcrafted feel into digital design. Its minimalism enhances rather than distracts from the overall design, making the font adaptable to diverse creative undertakings. Browsing through characters is like exploring an artist's sketchbook - so simple yet perfectly thought out.