Simple Postcard Mockup Template

Simple Postcard Mockup Template
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Plus, it perfectly balances simplicity with sophistication!

The Simple Postcard Mockup Template makes showcasing your designs easier than ever. Built to feature everything from simple doodles to intricate illustrations, or branding designs, it's an innovative way to test how your creations would look in a real-world context. Plus, it's also perfectly suited for modeling custom stamp designs!

Utilising the template is as straightforward as it gets, thanks to the use of smart object layers. You can independently manipulate the designs on the front, back, and stamp sections in a unified format. This maintains the authenticity of the interaction between shadows across the objects and backgrounds. However, the front and back view are designed to stick together for added effect.

The template offers independent maneuverability of the postcards within the scene, separate from the background. You have the flexibility to edit the existing background or paste your own one. An illustrated PDF guide included in the package further simplifies the process, taking you step by step on how to illustrate your designs using the smart object layers.

Details & Features

  • Allows showcasing of design or illustration.
  • Smart object layers for independent editing.
  • Maintains authentic shadow interaction.
  • Postcard movable within the scene.
  • Editable or replaceable background.
  • Included PDF guide for smooth user experience.
  • Note: Stock images in previews are for presentation purposes only.

Why We Like It

We recommend the Simple Postcard Mockup Template for its versatility, user-friendly features, and its ability to give a real-world context to your designs. It uncomplicates the task of demonstrating how your creations would really look when printed, making it an invaluable tool for creators. Plus, it perfectly balances simplicity with sophistication!