Sketchy Rough Font

Sketchy Rough Font
Its rough, thin look brings a relaxed, informal feel to your project.

Inject a touch of individuality and quirkiness into your digital projects with Sketchy, a font styled after pencil scribblings. Its distinctive rough and thin aesthetic elevates written communication beyond the ordinary. Perfect for casual and creative quotations, notes, titles, logos, and even music covers, Sketchy adds a personalized touch to your digital canvas.

For every logo that needs an artistic edge or every book title that needs a creative spark, Sketchy is your go-to font. This font's thin, sketch-like quality gives an original and refreshing look to whatever text you're working on. Available as a downloadable zip file, Sketchy is user-friendly and ready for use immediately after download.

As a vital part of any designer's toolkit, the Sketchy font adds personality and interest to any piece. Its rough, thin look brings a relaxed, informal feel to your project. The idea is not just in conveying the information, but doing it in a way that captures attention and imagination.

Details & Features

  • Rough, pencil-style aesthetics
  • Thin and distinctive
  • Ideal for quotes, notes, titles, logos and music covers
  • Available in OTF, TTF, WOFF and WOFF2 formats
  • Easy to download and install
  • User-friendly and compatible with various systems

Why We Like It

The Sketchy font is a delightful fusion of simplicity and creative edge. It's more than just a font; it's a tool to transform mundane texts into pieces of art. The refreshing, pencil-scribbled look makes it an ideal choice for those seeking novelty while keeping the charm of handwritten text.