Skyline Lightroom Presets

Skyline Lightroom Presets
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Usable with the free version of the Lightroom App, you don't need to have a subscription.

Skyline Lightroom Presets are designed to cater to photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. Suitable for a variety of themes, these presets are perfect for individuals who want their photos on Instagram to stand out. From travel to fashion photography, its modern colors and beautiful style can add that special touch, making your photos top quality.

These presets are the creation of ARTA, who have ensured that they are fully compatible with both mobile and desktop Lightroom applications. To provide a seamless experience for all, these presets have been thoroughly tested on a myriad of devices ranging from DSLR cameras to mobile phones. Along with this, they offer a text-based tutorial that simplifies the preset installation process.

Understanding that all photos and cameras are unique in their way, Skyline Lightroom Presets have been designed to make minimal adjustment needs. Usable with the free version of the Lightroom App, you don't need to have a subscription. Also, the service includes both .XMP and .DNG files for Desktop and Mobile applications respectively.

Details & Features

  • Great for travel, fashion, or lifestyle photography
  • Modern colors and beautiful style
  • Compatible with Mobile and Desktop Lightroom applications
  • Tested on different cameras, including professional DSLR
  • Pack includes .XMP files for Desktop and .DNG files for Mobile
  • Usable on the FREE Lightroom app
  • Comes with an explained text-based tutorial for installation

Why We Like It

We'd highly recommend the Skyline Lightroom Presets because of the versatility they offer. Whether you are an amateur or professional, these presets will undeniably enhance your photos' quality. Plus, we love the fact they're tested across various devices and that they even come with a handy installation tutorial.