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Sojourn Font
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This pulls the letters closer together, tapping into the feel of 1980s typography.

Introducing Sojourn, an eighties inspired serif typeface that's ready to make your creative projects pop with that iconic retro appeal. This layered, type-driven font takes its inspiration from 1980s advertising; notably the influential Apple advertisements that shaped the era with their Macintosh launch campaign in 1984. If you're looking to tap into that classic, eye-catching aesthetic, Sojourn is your go-to typeface.

To bring out the full potential of Sojourn, try setting your tracking to a negative number in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. This pulls the letters closer together, tapping into the feel of 1980s typography. Whether you're aiming for a nostalgic, vintage vibe or a stylish, modern reinterpretation, Sojourn gives you the flexibility to achieve your desired look. Just remember to ensure your text remains legible!

Sojourn is available in both regular and italic versions, offering even more versatility for your designs. To get a genuine sense of this font's unique aesthetic, don't forget to browse through the preview photos provided. Witness first-hand how this distinct typeface can transform your work.

Details & Features

  • Eighties inspired serif typeface
  • Inspired by 1980s Apple advertising
  • Optimized for negative tracking
  • Regular and italic versions
  • Ideal for eye-catching, vintage-style designs
  • Perfect balance between modern and retro aesthetics
  • Preview photos available

Why We Like It

Sojourn stands out for its unique blend of modern utility and vintage charm. This typeface captures the essence of 1980s typography, offering a versatile tool for designers looking to create distinctive, nostalgia-tinged work. Besides its captivating aesthetic, the font's potential for customization makes it a favourite.