Spray Procreate Brushes

Spray Procreate Brushes
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Sadly, these brushes are strictly compatible with the Procreate application for Apple iPad.

Experience the real thrill of spray painting without the mess or fuss with the Spray Procreate Brushes. This set of 14 Procreate brushes is designed to emulate different spray caps including fat cap, thin cap, and flat cap. The brushes are pen pressure sensitive, meaning you can create varied lines and strokes just by adjusting the pressure on your pen.

This brush set perfectly captures the essence and aesthetics of spray painting and street style art. Its sensitivity to pen pressure lends an authenticity that truly mimics actual spray paint: a small pressure administers a fat and transparent line, while increased pressure yields a thinner line. Whether you're working on graffiti style art, tags, or simply adding a touch of urban grit to your work, this set has you covered.

Sadly, these brushes are strictly compatible with the Procreate application for Apple iPad. They, unfortunately, will not work with Adobe Photoshop or indeed, any other graphic editing software. But once you've downloaded the file onto your iPad, Procreate will automatically install all the brushes, and they will optimally appear at the top of your brush list.

Details & Features

  • Set of 14 Procreate Brushes
  • Emulates Different Spray Caps (fat cap, thin cap, flat cap)
  • Pen Pressure and Tilt Sensitive
  • Provides Realistic Spray Paint Effects
  • Perfect for Street Art Style Drawing
  • Easy to Use and Customize
  • Compatible Only with Procreate for Apple iPad

Why We Like It

We strongly recommend the Spray Procreate Brushes for their ability to mimic various spray caps realistically. Not only do they yield convincingly realistic spray paint results, but they also adapt to different pressure levels splendidly, offering even greater artistic freedom and expression. If you're into digital street art, graffiti, or just love exploring different styles, this set is a game-changer.