Square Magazine Cover Mockup

Square Magazine Cover Mockup
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Its user-friendly design enables fast editing via smart objects.

Introducing the Square Magazine Cover Mockup, an advanced, easy to edit template perfect for showcasing your square magazine designs. Offering 8 photorealistic presentations compatible with Photoshop CS4 or higher, this mockup ensures you'll always find a template that aligns with your project's aesthetic.

Creating a realistic look with this mockup is simple and efficient. Its user-friendly design enables fast editing via smart objects. The organized layers and folders further contribute to a smooth and intuitive navigation experience. Whether you are working with bright or dark designs, count on the Square Magazine Cover Mockup to achieve the perfect fit.

This mockup's features extend beyond the wide selection of templates and ease of editing. It offers a generous pixel resolution in a 3000×2008 format, delivering top-notch image quality in 300 dpi. The capability of substituting the background using smart objects helps you set the right scene, while the automatic background perspective ensures the visual depth is always on point.

Details & Features

  • 8 photorealistic presentations
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS4 or higher
  • 3000×2008 pixel resolution in 300 dpi quality
  • Fast and easy editing via smart objects
  • Organized layers and folders
  • Capability of substituting background using smart object
  • Automatic background perspective

Why We Like It

We recommend the Square Magazine Cover Mockup for its adaptability and user-friendly nature. With varied templates, easy editing via smart objects, and high-quality resolution, it ensures your magazine covers always make a striking first impression. Plus, customizable backgrounds provide additional creative freedom, truly making this mockup a versatile tool for design professionals.