Sweet Home Real Estate Lightroom Presets

Ideal for anyone looking to bring out dreamlike, comforting elements in their images.

Experience a unique transformation of your interior shots with the Sweet Home Collection. Originating from the skilled hand of Din Studio – an expert in crafting professional Lightroom presets – this collection offers a dreamy, soft white sheen to your shots, muting harsh colors to create a beautiful visual narrative celebrating the warmth of home.

Din Studio Presets unlock the potential for stunning and consistently high-quality images perfect for various platforms. Ideal for photographers, influencers, food bloggers, Instagrammers, and other professionals, these presets save editing time without compromising on results. Photos effortlessly gain a moody, cool aesthetic with soft light blues and reduced contrast to evoke the comforting feel of a clean, cosy space.

Providing 15 presets for both desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom, compatibility isn't an issue for the Sweet Home collection. Also provided are PDF guides, ensuring easy installation of the presets on both Lightroom for mobile and desktop, making professional editing accessible and straightforward.

Details & Features

  • Collection of 15 professional Lightroom presets
  • Brings a soft, white hue to interior shots
  • Created by Din Studio, an expert in Lightroom presets
  • Perfectly adjusts the temperature for a soft light blue look
  • Reduced contrast for a cozy room aesthetic
  • Includes presets for both Windows and Mac desktop versions, and Android and iOS mobile versions
  • Helpful PDF guides for convenient installation and use

Why We Like It

This Sweet Home Collection is a versatile set of Lightroom presets that we highly recommend for its ability to create an intimate, calming mood in any photograph. It brilliantly simplifies the editing process and delivers consistent, professional-quality results. Ideal for anyone looking to bring out dreamlike, comforting elements in their images.