The Wild Strokes Font

The Wild Strokes Font
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The font is versatile, catering to a palette of applications.

Introducing our latest addition to our font collection, The Wild Strokes. This handmade brush font is as bold, enigmatic and untamed as its name suggests. Crafted meticulously to embody the very essence of energy, strength, and a touch of the wild, The Wild Strokes will seamlessly blend into your graphic design projects with a distinctive flair.

The font is versatile, catering to a palette of applications. Whether it is for editorial content, branding, print products or even for personal or commercial use, The Wild Strokes does not fail to impress. Supporting an extensive range of open type features and multilingual accents, The Wild Strokes is your go-to font for logotypes, clothing designs, posters, advertising, packaging and more.

To add to its robust character, The Wild Strokes also comes with its very own Swashes. This complementary feature only enhances the font's propensities, making it an even more essential tool in your design kit. Nothing typifies the spirit of the wild better than The Wild Strokes.

Details & Features

  • Uppercase & Lowercase Characters
  • Numerals & Punctuation
  • Multilingual Support
  • Evocative Swashes
  • PUA Encoded
  • OpenType Format
  • Available in .otf and .ttf

Why We Like It

The Wild Strokes carries a seemingly untamed, yet sophisticated personality that's rare in the realm of typefaces. Its wild spirit, coupled with its multifunctionality, makes it highly versatile, while the swashes add an extra layer of expressiveness. We consider it an absolute must have for anyone seeking to make a bold stroke in their design endeavors.