Today Web UI Kit & Sketch Resources

The kit includes over 120 distinctive components spread across 14 popular categories.

The Today Web UI Kit is an invaluable tool for all web designers, boasting an extensive library of components and content blocks that enable the design of virtually all types of website layouts. The kit includes over 120 distinctive components spread across 14 popular categories. These components are designed with a keen emphasis on the Bootstrap grid layout to facilitate easy customization and seamless integration.

Providing a rich variety of UI blocks, the Web UI Kit stands unrivaled in its category. It features some of the most commonly used components, grouped, named, and layered to streamline the design process. Additionally, its unique approach to website, landing page, or web application design is backed by the ever-reliable 12 column Bootstrap grid system. Furthermore, a complementary style guide page is included to assist designers through the whole design and development process.

One of the highlights of using the Today Web Ui Kit is its adaptability. The kit is suited for use on multiple design platforms including Sketch, Photoshop, and Adobe Xd. Combine the numerous unique interface blocks and categories in limitless configurations thanks to the UI Kit's flexible design. The vibrant and modern aesthetic of its design components enlivens any project while also being fully customizable.

Details & Features

  • 120+ Web User Interface Blocks
  • 14 Popular Categories
  • Unlimited Combinations
  • 12 Column Bootstrap Grid
  • Colourful & Modern Design
  • Fully customizable
  • Compatible with Sketch, Photoshop & Adobe Xd

Why We Like It

Today Web UI Kit distinguishes itself by offering a diverse, top-quality and easily customizable range of design elements. Its modern design and robust functionality saves designers time and effort in creating any type of website layout. Furthermore, its compatibility with common design platforms significantly enhances its versatility and usability, making it a highly recommended product in its category.