Travel Lightroom Presets Collection

Travel Lightroom Presets Collection
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It doesn't stop there, either.

The Travel Lightroom Presets Collection is an ideal toolkit for outdoor and travel photographers. With 15 unique presets, it offers a simple and effective way to enhance your photos. This kit tweaks tones, lighting, shading, and contrast in a snap, adding warmth and coolness where necessary for the most eye-catching results.

If you crave consistent, trendy, and striking photography, this collection is the solution. Each preset has been carefully crafted to offer exquisite lighting and tones to your landscape shots. It doesn't stop there, either. Color shades, sky brightness and colors can be tailored to your liking for that bespoke touch. Plus, the stackable design of the presets allows for limitless combinations, pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

Adopted by over 20,000 world-class photographers, this collection is a must-have for those wishing to define their photo style. While the end outcome depends on each unique image, the breadth of pre-made choices accommodates varying lighting conditions, ensuring your travel shots always glow.

Details & Features

  • 15 premium Lightroom presets
  • Tailored for travel and landscape photography
  • Variety of effects including color shades and contrast
  • Add warm or cold tones
  • Enhance lighting and sky brightness
  • Stackable presets for custom combinations
  • Accommodates different lighting conditions

Why We Like It

This collection vastly simplifies the process of photo enhancement, making it a worthwhile addition to any photographer's toolbox. Its flexibility in catering to diverse lighting conditions and variety of effects can transform even the most mundane shots into captivating imagery. The stackable nature of the presets encourages creativity, making it a top recommendation.