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Typrighter Font
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It’s simple, engaging and uniquely innovative!

Meet your new favourite writing tool: Typrighter. This innovative font pack takes traditional typewriter style and elevates it into the digital age. Typrighter features two unique versions: V1 and V2, both designed with the Applied Contextual Substitutions feature from FontLab, revolutionizing the font scene for digital writers.

Typrighter tackles the standard issue found in many typewriter fonts where repeated letters feature the same contours. By providing six different alternatives for each standard English alphabet letter, Typrighter effortlessly delivers authentic typewriter text straight from your computer keyboard. Each letter automatically substitutes itself into one of the six variations, leading to a more natural, less repetitious typing experience.

Not only does Typrighter offer this groundbreaking automatic letter replacement, but there's more. If you prefer a more standard look or are not into these dynamic features, you can opt for the clean, tidy default settings. Plus, as a bonus, this package also includes a BOLD style as a separate font. This feature-rich typewriting experience is guaranteed to impress.

Details & Features

  • Two unique versions: Typrighter V1 and V2
  • Applied Contextual Substitutions feature for auto-replacement
  • Six different alternatives for each standard English alphabet letter
  • Automatic letter substitution for diverse typewriter feel
  • Option for clean, tidy default settings
  • BONUS Bold style as part of the package
  • Designed for use in Word, Illustrator and Photoshop

Why We Like It

Typrighter strikes a fine balance between nostalgic typewriting and modern digital fonts. The automatic letter variations prevent visual monotony, adding a realistic and engaging touch. The two versions and the bonus BOLD font provide versatility, making it a valuable addition to a digital artist's toolkit. It’s simple, engaging and uniquely innovative!