First alternate image for UrbanCase
Second alternate image for UrbanCase
It leaves a lasting impression with its unique glyphs and resonating touch.

UrbanCase, a future modern font, offers a touch of elegance and sophistication to any luxury design project. With two distinct versions, regular and Slant, it provides flexibility and a unique touch, making your project truly stand out. Be it logotypes, letterheads, or signage, UrbanCase lends itself perfectly to a variety of design needs.

Influenced by the chic style of Urban People, UrbanCase combines simplicity and class in every stroke. It leaves a lasting impression with its unique glyphs and resonating touch. Whether you're using it for logos, promotional designs, or personal signatures, UrbanCase adds a remarkable flair to your visuals.

The brain behind UrbanCase is Inumocca, a well-known studio specialising in illustration and typography. With intricate details and an eye-catching style, Inumocca's UrbanCase has become the go-to font for luxury designers.

Details & Features

  • Future modern font
  • Two versions: Regular and Slant
  • Ideal for logotypes, signatures, signage, and letterheads
  • Influenced by Urban People’s style
  • Unique glyphs for distinct look
  • Created by Inumocca, a renowned studio known for their distinctive typography

Why We Like It

UrbanCase embodies what a luxury font should look like. It’s not just the sophistication it adds to the design that we love, but also the flexibility it offers. Tailor-made for various applications, yet maintaining its unique, elegant touch, UrbanCase goes beyond a mere font to become an integral part of the design itself.