Urbax Modern Urban Font

Urbax Modern Urban Font
You can fine-tune it to your specific needs using OpenType savvy apps.

If your designs pulse at the rhythm of the city, the Urbax Modern Urban Font might just be what you need. This bold, expressive script aims to capture the dynamic energy and diversity of urban life. Perfect for urban-based projects ranging from logo design and branding to titling and product design.

With it's stylistic sets and a wealth of alternates, Urbax is a versatile addition to your creative toolbox. You can fine-tune it to your specific needs using OpenType savvy apps. Plus, this font supports multiple languages, broadening its appeal and helping your messaging resonate with a global audience.

Whether you're creating a piece of streetwear, designing unique signage, or printing engaging promotional material – the Urbax font adds a touch of gritty sophistication. It's more than just a font, it's a statement – a way to communicate with design-savvy urban dwellers worldwide.

Details & Features

  • Bold, expressive script
  • Perfect for urban projects
  • 5 stylistic sets with alternates
  • Compatible with OpenType savvy apps
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Great for logo design, branding, titling, and product design
  • Can be used for prints and various creative projects

Why We Like It

The Urbax Modern Urban Font is an impressive balance of boldness and versatility. We love its dramatic flair and adaptability that allows for an array of urban-themed projects. The robust language support increases its usefulness and its specific features make it a essential to those crafting an urban identity in their work.