Vintage Logo Bundle

Vintage Logo Bundle
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It is user-friendly and comes with over 50 unique elements.

Unleash your creative energy with our Vintage Logo Bundle; a batch of uniquely designed, intricate logo templates catering to a variety of businesses- barber shops, butcher shops, tool shops, and more. Versatile in application and highly customizable, this bundle offers an incredible selection of editable logo designs that give your brand the recognition it deserves.

Immerse in the simplicity of the past with our Vintage Logo Bundle. It's designed to give your business the rough and rugged appeal harking back to the days of handcrafted perfection. Get access to over 50 vintage-style assets, including 12 logo templates, 55 geometric shapes in 5 diverse styles, 7 antler sets, and 10 knives & blades.

Each element in this bundle has undergone detailed hand-illustration to emit that vintage, handcrafted vibe. Furthermore, this product selection comes with free-to-download fonts (links included), enhancing the aesthetic value and brand-specific customization. Please note that the actual font files are not included in the bundle.

Details & Features

  • Adobe Illustrator CS4+ format, and Photoshop CS6 format.
  • All logo templates are editable with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • All logos are layered for convenient customization.
  • Infinite scalability/non destructive – all elements in PSD documents are placed as shape layers.
  • Links to all necessary fonts – all free to download, sourced exclusively from Dafont.

Why We Like It

The Vintage Logo Bundle sparks a nostalgic connection to the handcrafted appeal of yesteryears while offering ample customization options. It is user-friendly and comes with over 50 unique elements. This easily-defined clear design direction combined with free fonts and scalable features makes this a must-have for any business aiming for a vintage look.