Whisper Dry Brush Font

Whisper Dry Brush Font
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The wide range of swashes that it offers is the cherry on top!

Whisper Dry Brush Font is an exquisitely designed hand-lettered typeface. What sets it apart is its distinctive feature of mimicking the raw strokes of a dry brush. The font can elevate any design project, making it visually appealing with its organic appeal. The font gives a natural feel that is sure to catch the eye.

The flexibility of the Whisper Dry Brush Font ensures that it is versatile enough for a wide range of applications. From bringing a touch of elegance to your brand identity and crafting attractive headlines to enhancing the look of homemade products or food and beverage labels, this font works everywhere! And why restrict its use just to logos and headlines? Take your social media profiles up a notch by incorporating this typeface in your feed.

Along with its obvious aesthetic charm, the typeface also has various remarkable swashes to choose from, which further enhances its appeal. These plentiful choices allow for distinct and creative designs. Coupled with the organic dry brush stroke effect, these swashes indeed make the Whisper font unique.

Details & Features

  • Hand-lettered typeface
  • Natural dry-brush stroke effect
  • Perfect for brand identity, headlines, and social media feed
  • Comes with a variety of distinctive swashes
  • Includes upper & lowercase characters, numbers & punctuation
  • Offers multilingual language support
  • PUA Encoded Characters included

Why We Like It

We love the Whisper Dry Brush Font for numerous reasons. Its unique, authentic, dry brush strokes add an irresistible charm to the design. The font's ability to add elegance to a myriad of applications - from branding to social media, just can't be ignored. The wide range of swashes that it offers is the cherry on top!