Wildflower Simple Floral Patterns & Templates

We love it for its convenience, beauty, and user-friendly concept.

The Wildflower Simple Floral Patterns & Templates pack offers a charming and versatile set of designs to amplify your creativity. It consists of twenty singular floral patterns that are minimalistic yet captivating, each one presenting a characterful depiction of wildflowers. Alongside these sublime designs, the pack also generously includes ten Instagram story templates for you in the popular PSD format, expanding your design horizon.

This package is a delightful treasury of hand-drawn elegant floral elements woven into twenty seamless vector patterns. The patterns, remarkably adaptable through Adobe Illustrator, can be smoothly modified – you can conveniently adjust its colors and floral components to align with your unique projects. They can be dynamically utilized from background designing to printable creation, operating highly in any domain you choose, with stunning results guaranteed. Plus, the included .psd Instagram templates are waiting for your customized touch on Photoshop.

Stepping forward from just patterns, it also entails a mixed bag of file formats to cater to your varying needs. This includes JPEG and PNG files for each pattern in two variants: TILE, which offers 300 dpi tileable designs and digital papers featuring 12x12-inch size with high resolution. It additionally provides separate PSD files for each Instagram Story template along with JPEG files for every story background. Practical step-by-step instruction files are also added to ensure you make the most out of your patterns.

Details & Features

  • 20 seamless vector patterns editable through Adobe Illustrator
  • 10 Instagram story templates in .psd format for Photoshop
  • 5 Vector EPS format files with 4 patterns each
  • 5 Vector AI format files with 4 patterns each
  • 20 JPEG and PNG files in TILE format, 300dpi - Tileable
  • 20 JPEG and PNG files, digital papers, size: 12x12 inches, 300dpi
  • 10 PSD files, one for each Instagram Stories template
  • 10 JPG files for each story background
  • Step by step instruction files about pattern usage

Why We Like It

The simplicity coupled with elegance makes these Wildflower Simple Floral Patterns & Templates a versatile tool for multiple creative ventures. Its adaptability across different file formats and its bonus Instagram story templates make it a comprehensive pack that meets a range of design requirements. We love it for its convenience, beauty, and user-friendly concept.