XPro 20 Cross Process Actions

The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Unleash your creativity with the XPro 20 Cross Process Actions, a collection of robust Photoshop actions designed with VSCO vintage filter aficionados in mind. This pack boasts 20 distinctive retro-vintage effects to enhance style and color in your photographs. Designed to be fully compatible with Photoshop CS3 and newer, rest assured that these actions can cater to your every design need.

Enhance any artistic work with flair using one or a combination of XPro 20's unique Photoshop Actions like "Casette," "Filmstrip," "Ruff," and "Belle". The possibilities are seemingly endless. Whether you're looking to imbue your photographs with the warm nostalgia encapsulated by "Focus" or channel old-fashioned video vibes with "VHS", XPro 20 Cross Process Actions offers a world of artistic options at your fingertips.

XPro 20's unique palate doesn't falter on the technical end of things, either. These actions deliver a top-notch performance and ensure you can effortlessly reproduce the captivating effects you need. Embrace the opportunity to boost your photos with the versatile, professional-quality effects of XPro 20 Cross Process Actions.

Details & Features

  • 20 Unique Cross Processed Effects
  • Snapshot Prerendering for Time Efficiency
  • 100% Nondestructive and Fully Editable
  • Seamless Compatibility with Photoshop CS3 and newer
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Wide array of retro-vintage effects
  • Adjustable opacity for tailored strength of effects

Why We Like It

With XPro 20 Cross Process Actions, you get a bundle of steller vintage filters that breathe life into photos, eliminating monotonous processing steps. Its perfect balance of versatility and ease of use, topped with nondestructive editing features, thrills us. We love it for its capacity to unlock endless creative potential, saving time and raising artistic standards.