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Zaitun Font
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Meet Zaitun Typeface - a font designed for nature inspired branding.

Meet Zaitun Typeface - a font designed for nature inspired branding. Living up to its unique character, it enhances and embellishes any given context, making it an excellent fit for logo designs, magazine layouts, name cards, and other branding materials. Its distinctive design exudes a sense of freshness and eco-friendliness that supports nature-inspired themes and concepts.

Designed by GraphicFresh, Zaitun comes in both standard and italic styles, with OTF and TTF formats available. The scalability of the font allows it to work superbly well in both small and large-scale projects. Craft your layouts with the help of Zaitun, and you'll find that adding an organic touch to your designs is just a font away!

The best part of the Zaitun font package is its simplicity and user-friendly design. It comes with comprehensive help files to assist beginners and seasoned designers alike. If you encounter any challenges or have queries, GraphicFresh offers outstanding support and customer service, ready to answer any questions and provide solutions to potential issues.

Details & Features

  • Distinctive, nature-inspired design
  • Perfect for branding materials
  • Includes standard and italic styles
  • Available in both OTF and TTF formats
  • Scalable for small and large-scale projects
  • Comes with comprehensive help files
  • Excellent customer support from GraphicFresh

Why We Like It

The Zaitun Typeface exudes organic charm and stylish versatility, making it a fantastic asset for environmentally-conscious brands. It's not only the design that impresses us, but the usability and customer support that come with it. If you're looking for a creative asset that brings a sense of freshness and intrigue, Zaitun is a strongly recommended choice.