Zombie Logo Template

Zombie Logo Template
It holds various file formats such as AI CS4, EPS CS4, and PSD.

Inadvertently demonstrating an underlying sense of humor and creativity, the Zombie Logo Template is an excellent choice for any kind of branding needs such as blogs, websites, YouTube channels or podcasts. It infuses a touch of uniqueness and fun, setting your brand apart from the mainstream. It’s available in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator file formats, making it suitable for a range of digital design tools.

The Zombie Logo Template is designed with a professional touch in Adobe Illustrator. The convenient package includes variation options for different backgrounds and a singular color mode. It's user-friendly, with source files that can be easily manipulated for alterations in name, colors, arrangement and size. In essence, it offers you the flexibility to put forth the identity of your brand accurately.

The Logo Pack extends its practicality by incorporating quite a few beneficial features. It holds various file formats such as AI CS4, EPS CS4, and PSD. It guarantees that the logo will retain its high quality being 100% vector and resizable. The color mode follows the CMYK model and comes with an impressive 300 PPI. Lastly the pack also includes an information document with the download link for the used fonts.

Details & Features

  • Easy to use Photoshop and Illustrator formats
  • Variations available for different backgrounds
  • Editable source files for name, colors, and size flexibility
  • File formats include AI CS4, EPS CS4, and PSD
  • 100% vector, ensuring high quality and resizable flexibility
  • CMYK color mode and 300 PPI for high definition
  • Information document with fonts download link included

Why We Like It

The Zombie Logo Template champions a perfect blend of fun, creativity, and professionalism. It offers numerous customization options, user-friendly format and high-resolution output. The inventive design, bundled with these utilitarian features, makes it an excellent choice to fulfill branding needs, thus we highly recommend it.