The Dealotto Bundle Is Back (and You Can Win a Free Copy!)

by on 7th August 2012 with 56 Comments

The Dealotto Bundle is back, and this time it’s even bigger. We’re partnering up with the good people at Dealotto for the course of the week, running an exclusive competition to give away three copies of the bundle!

Dealotto has a unique model that gives you the chance to bag an absolute bargain on 10 amazing design resources, including over 6691 icons, 300 UI design elements, 36+ WordPress Themes, 1 Beautiful Font, 1 jQuery Photo Viewer + 1 eBook for no more than $45. Read on to find out more…

The Dealotto Angle…

Unlike most bundles, Dealotto introduces an element of chance. There are 45 bundles to be won for free and what you pay is decided at random — from free to $45. The luckier you are, the less you pay (though everyone is guaranteed to save over $720).

What’s Up For Grabs

The bundle includes a hoard of various design resources and elements:

  • 6691+ Icons
  • 36+ WordPress Themes
  • 1 Beautiful Font
  • 1 jQuery Photo Viewer
  • 1 WordPress eBook
  • 300 UI Design Elements
  • Pay no more than $45
  • Tickets cost $3 to play along
  • Your price depends on how lucky you are
  • 45 Bundles to be won for absolutely nothing!
  • Hundreds of further discounts to be won

Win a Free Bundle (& All the WPBundle Themes)!

We’re also excited to let you know that we’ll be giving away three copies of the bundle to a few lucky Design Shack readers, throwing in the contents of the WPBundle as well (worth $200!). To enter, you just need to leave a comment on this post. We’ll be picking one winner at random on Friday 10th August. Good luck!

Comments & Discussion


Comments & Discussion


  1. I would like to win.

  2. Adrian Sandu says:

    Very nice package. I would love to get my hands on it.

  3. Bas says:

    Great package, I’d love to win!

  4. Erika says:

    Pretty, I’d love to have one!

  5. Craig Paterson says:

    Nice bundle ;)

  6. Axel says:

    Would like to win one ;)

  7. Daryl Bleach says:

    Put me down for a chance! Be nice to win this!


  8. Mark Taylor says:

    I’d love to win this! :-)

  9. wites says:

    This is a great bundle.

  10. syaiful says:

    Wish I Win!!!

  11. Awesome. Big fan of Dealotto! Hope I win.

  12. David says:

    Great bundle – and would make a great birthday gift to myself!

  13. Zach says:

    Very cool bundle!

  14. DariusWho says:

    Great!Would like to win :)

  15. kirk says:

    Stacked font and the lino icons have been in my wishlist a bit. awesome bundle

  16. This would be an amazing win! Thanks!

  17. Prashant says:

    Sounds good, yes, like everyone, would like to win :)

  18. KADlancer says:

    Amazing freebies and even for for the money definitely worth every single cent!

    Count me in…

  19. Awesome Package! I could put this to good use!

  20. cheriana says:

    Awesome bundle, pick me! :)

  21. I’d like to win! :)

  22. Scott says:

    *rolls the dice*

  23. TatsuyaLam says:

    I’d like to win :D

  24. nomi says:

    Always looking for quality icons. Would love to have this awesome bundle.

  25. Kovah says:

    Wow i think i really could use this pack! <3

  26. srini says:

    Looks like an excellent package to get as a get away… would love to get it!

  27. Leon says:

    Fantastic. You guys are awesome!

  28. Alejandro Carrillo says:

    I really want to have this… looking forward to win

  29. Maik Bellera says:

    I wan’t that packorz!

  30. Maik Bellera says:

    II would like to win this

  31. Max says:

    Cool bundle !!!

  32. Samalah says:

    Very neat bundle!! I’d love to win… :)

  33. Dominus says:

    So… got the “bundle”. While it cost next to nothing I am still very much disappointed.

    Stacked hasn’t been included.
    Steedicons hasn’t been included.
    View.js hasn’t been included.
    Lino hasn’t been included.
    Skewed hasn’t been included.
    Client WP hasn’t been included.
    Ui Toolkit hasn’t been included.

    There is no link or other info provided that directs you dl the missing items. The themes at UpThemes and CSSIgniter are subpar and look to be copies of those from other sights.

    Since this has the makings of a headache… I’ll just share this letdown on the social sites to save other people from wasting time and money.

  34. Lugu Gumilar says:

    Cool Bundle!

  35. James says:

    Great competition, this bundle looks great.

    Thanks very much! :)

  36. Andrew M says:

    I would totally love this, thanks for the opportunity!!

  37. Le Bundle will be Le Fantastic

  38. Very nice, I’d like to win !

  39. John Shaw says:

    It’s my Birthday on Sunday, lets hope i win *cough cough*

  40. Jan says:

    II would like to win this competition… thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Tony says:

    What a fantastic package/giveaway for a Small startup business.
    Would be a big help if I was the lucky winner.

    Keep up the good work and

  42. Alexandr says:

    It’s very impressive :)
    I would like to win bundle!

  43. Mikel Aralar says:

    I too would love to win. But I have already won something with the discovery of this magnificent site. Thank you for your excellent work!

  44. Nice package, I’d like to win!

  45. Katie says:

    I’d love to win this bundle!

  46. Mark says:

    I would like to have a free copy!

  47. Ted says:

    I would love a copy of the WPBundle!

  48. Max says:

    Can’t say no to free things. Please don’t add my e-mail to a spamlist however. hehe

  49. Torleif says:

    Would be handy…!

  50. Annie says:

    Hope i’ve still got time to enter :)

  51. Crazyhunk says:

    Hope I am not late for this…. hhehehe.
    anyway thank you

  52. John says:

    Who was the winner?

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