How to Use Envato Elements: 10 Tips to Maximise Your Subscription

Envato Elements is a treasure trove of design resources with unlimited access and freedom to download as many items as you want. However, with more than 18 million creative assets to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

How do you find the best items? How does the licensing work? Is it actually unlimited or are there any hidden limitations? We have all the answers.

Whether you’ve finally subscribed to Envato Elements or planning on getting it soon, we have some useful tips and tricks on how to use Envato Elements to help you get the most out of the unlimited subscription.

Let’s get started.

What is the Envato Elements Subscription?

envato elements

Envato Elements is a marketplace full of design resources. At the time of this writing, the platform has over 18 million digital assets and it’s growing daily. This includes everything from design templates to fonts, presentation templates, video templates, website templates, plugins, stock photos and videos, and so much more.

You get unlimited access to this entire collection of creative assets for a single price with the Envato Elements subscription. You can download any item and use it however you like in your personal, client, or commercial project.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this unlimited subscription.

1. Search & Find Items Like a Pro

Learning how to search properly is the key to getting the most out of Envato Elements as it allows you to find the high-quality and best items on the platform.

envato elements how to search 1

You should start your search by picking the relevant category from the main menu. For example, let’s say you want to find a logo design template for a restaurant and you want to edit this template in Photoshop.

For this search, you should go to the Graphic Templates category and choose the Adobe Photoshop sub-category. Then enter the keyword, which in this case is “restaurant logo”.

envato elements how to search 2

You will get lots of items in the search results. You can now refine the search further using the search filters. Select the Logos filter to only show logo templates. Then choose the orientation of the logo design.

envato elements how to search 3

You can even choose only to show templates with layered designs.

envato elements how to search 4

Other categories on the site also have specific filters to help you find the right items more easily and quickly. For example, the stock photo category lets you filter items by the color scheme. And the stock video category has a frame rate filter for finding footage that fits your projects.

envato elements ai search

If you don’t have the time to manually explore the marketplace to find items, Envato Elements now has an AI-powered search function that allows you to find specific items without effort.

With the AI search option, you can type a detailed description of the project you’re working on to find the items that you require.

3. Generate Images with AI ImageGen

envato elements ai imagegen

With the Envato Elements subscription, you will also get access to Envato’s new AI image generator. With ImageGen, you can easily generate high-quality images and illustrations for your projects.

Envato Elements already has a massive library full of stock photos and illustrations. But there are times when you need a specific image for a project. ImageGen will come in handy for those situations. It features 7 generative AI models for achieving the best results.

4. Save & Organize Your Favorites

envato elements add to collection

While browsing Envato Elements, you will come across lots of cool items. If you need to save some of those items to download later, you can use the Collections feature on the platform.

Collections are like bookmarks and you can create Collections for different projects you’re working on. This will allow you to save and organize the resources you use in each and every project as well.

5. Check the “Recently Added” Section

There are hundreds of new items being added to Envato Elements every day. You can catch up on the latest items by checking out the Recently Added section on the platform. You can also use the Sort option in each category to find the latest items in different categories as well.

These freshly added items will help you craft unique designs unlike any other and stand out from the crowd.

6. Be Mindful of the Licensing Terms

It’s normal to get a bit carried away downloading so many items, especially since you have the freedom to download as many items as you want. However, it’s also important to be mindful of the licensing terms when downloading those items.

Envato Elements has a very straightforward commercial license for all of the items on the platform. This license allows you to use any item you download on your client projects and any commercial project.

Although, you do have to register items every time you use them. Each download gives you a license to use it in one project. If you want to use it again in a different project, you have to register it from the Downloads section.

7. Students Get 30% Off

If you’re a student, you have a chance to get an impressive 30% discount on the subscription plan. You will need a verified student email address to create the account. If you have one, be sure to take advantage of this discount.

8. Download Central for Teams

Envato Elements has another pricing plan for teams. This plan is perfect for design agencies and studios. And it has a nifty feature that your teams will surely love.

With the Teams plan, you get a single central location for all the downloads. This means you no longer have to share the download links with your team members, they can easily access the downloads from the same place.

9. Check Out the Free Courses & Tutorials

envato elements learn

The Learn section on Envato Elements is one of the best parts of the platform. You don’t need a paid subscription to access this section but it includes lots of useful guides and resources that you can’t put a price on.

You can take your learning progress to the next level with Envato Tuts+, which includes thousands of tutorials and video courses and it’s completely free to access.

10. Don’t Forget the Free Downloads

envato elements free files

Even if you decide to cancel the subscription, there is still more to enjoy on the marketplace. In fact, be sure to log in again from time to time to grab the free items. Envato Elements gives out a bunch of premium items for free every month.

In Conclusion

Another important thing you should keep in mind when using Envato Elements is that the platform does not provide technical support for items. Since the items on the marketplace are provided by individual creators, Envato is not able to provide direct item support.

However, every item on the platform comes with a user guide or documentation with clear instructions on how to use them.

Other than that, Envato Elements is perfect for designers in every way. And hopefully, you will be able to get more use out of your subscription with our list of tips and tricks.