19 Recently Released Pre-Built Websites


Be Toy shows that the right use of space and colors is one way to create a great UX. As this Be Toy website demonstrates, it’s not that difficult to build a totally engaging online store – and have fun doing so.

Whether your next project is for an online toy store, a creative agency, a magazine website, or a blog, Be Theme’s 200+ pre-built websites give you everything you need to get off to a quick start. With this a selection that covers all the bases in terms of themes and topics to choose from, you’ll be able please the most demanding of clients, and do so in record time.

The 19 pre-built websites shown here represent the latest Muffin Group releases. Another four releases are added to the collection every month.

These websites are totally customizable. As such, they offer a wealth of creative opportunities. Most of them are multipage affairs, a few are one-pagers, and as you will see, and several of them are ideally suited for blogs.

Be Theme’s Latest Releases

Be App2


Be App2, for use with a mobile app, is an example of how simple and elegant a UX can be.



VPN is not an easy theme to build a great UX around; unless you create a website that looks like this one.

Be Lifestyle



Be Lifestyle’s design provides a foundation you can easily build on to publish a lifestyle-oriented online magazine or a blog about adventures, places, and people.



When your client is a music studio, a fresh & intense web design like this one, with its youthful energy and enthusiasm, is an ideal choice.

Be Freelancer


The Be Freelancers portfolio website delivers a simple yet powerful opening message. Its background design hints at what to expect in the portfolio.

Be Carpenter


Geometry can tell a story. Anytime you can tell a story on home page, or above the fold on a one page website, so much the better.

Be Charity


Be Charity employs a slideshow format in which each powerful image is a call to action.

Be Sushi


This Be Sushi website’s use of photography to showcase its culinary offerings is guaranteed to make almost anyone hungry. Look further to see how the mini menu can further engage the user.

Be Kebab


The Be Kebab fast-food website also appeals to the senses with its friendly try-our-little-shop-next-door message.

Be Perfume


Be Tea


The Muffin Group authors had a cozy little tea shop in mind when they created this web design with its vintage sights, smells, and tastes.

Be Retouch


This pre-built professional service website’s use of parallax and mouse-over effects, combined with its cool graphics. gives a user the information needed to make a sound choice.

Be Mining


This Be Mining website, with its modern design and its skillful use of imagery, should definitely please the corporate client it was created for.

Be Print


Be Casino


This new release by the Be Theme creators is for a casino club. It’s a one page website that draws attention to everything about the club a visitor will want to know.



This new HR agency website, with its modern layout and clean lines, conveys a message that is straight to the point.

Be Holding


A website for a serious-minded business doesn’t have to be cold and formal. It can in fact be totally engaging if you choose images that combine professionalism and warmth.

Be Accountant


This website has what it takes to attract users seeking the services of a hardworking professional accountant.

Installing A Be Theme Pre-Built Website Is as Easy as It Gets

You don’t have to be sitting with a user manual in your lap while installing a Be Theme pre-built website. As the video below explains, installation takes a single click, then you’re in business.

Building your first web page isn’t much harder. You can do so, one click at a time; and with only a little practice, you can move along just as quickly as the video suggests. This WordPress theme is like that. It’s easy to use, and it’s a simple matter to provide professionally designed deliverables your clients will rave about.

40 Core Features That Make Things Happen

Much of the time you’ll be using the features outlined below as you add substance and spice to the pre-designed website you’ve selected. Over time, you are likely to make use of what each of the 40 core features offers, and for any given website-building project, you can expect to put a good number of them into play.

You’ll be using Muffin Builder 3 in combination with the Admin Panel most of the time as you go about creating page after awesome page. Muffin Builder is a joy to use, while the Admin Panel gives you the design options you need, and keeps everything under control.

The Shortcode Generator comes into play when you need to add a special function or feature. With its extensive shortcode library, you can add almost any design feature at any level of detail without any need for coding.

You won’t experience the designer’s equivalent of writer’s block should you choose to start page building with a blank screen. The Layout Configurator will help you set up a page in a matter of seconds, so your blank screen won’t remain that way for long!


One of the greatest Be Theme features of all is the world-class level of support it provides. Should you have a question or run into a problem, you can expect prompt, friendly, professional help. Browse the gallery of 200+ professionally designed, pre-built websites and inspect one or two in greater detail, if you haven’t already done so with any of those listed here. You’ll understand why clients will love what you can do for them when you make Be Theme your web-building tool of choice!

Be Theme, with its more than 200 pre-built websites to choose from, its 40 core features, and its huge user base, has achieved the distinction of being not only the biggest WordPress theme ever, but the best.

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