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20 Gorgeous Premium Tumblr Themes

Blogging has enormously evolved in the last decade. Absolutely everyone now can easily start a blog and create content, whether it is video, images or text. WordPress is definitely a leader in the digital publishing scene but it has evolved into something more than just a blogging platform. That is why such platforms like Ghost, Medium, Svbtle and Tumblr are getting more and more attention.

When choosing a theme for a recent project, I came across some really gorgeous premium Tumblr themes focusing on imagery and typography. If you want to suit up your Tumblr blog in a classy way take a look at these amazing premium Tumblr themes I’ve collected.

Mood ($24)


Viewfinder ($19)


NeatfFolio ($19)


Uptown ($19)


Titan ($49)

Foundation ($20)

Boardwalk ($49)

Versatile, responsive blogging theme with an urban feel. Price $49.

Pandora ($20)

Debut ($49)

Spectator ($19)

Mimesi ($20)

Nova ($20)

Intemperance ($20)

Vision ($20)

Seventeen ($20)

Soupa ($18)

Premier ($20)

Kraft ($20)

Vintage Metro ($20)

Encore ($20)

Zen ($20)

Transparency notice: some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you buy something I will get a commission on that. That doesn’t affect you at all. You can buy from anywhere else, it’s up to you.