15+ Best Icon Fonts for Web & UI Design (Free + Premium)

Icon fonts are one of the most useful elements that web and UI designers simply can’t live without. Today we’re bringing you a collection of the best modern and creative icon fonts you can use in your website and user interface designs.

With icon fonts, you don’t have to rely on libraries of PNG files. You don’t have to resize and edit icons using vector files to make them fit into your website designs. And, more importantly, you don’t have to worry about optimizing the icons for various screen sizes.

However, finding the right icon font to blend with your design projects can be challenging. We want to make that process much easier. Get started by browsing our handpicked collection of free and premium icon fonts (and be sure to take a look at our tips for choosing an icon font to help you get started!)

Icofont – Free Creative Icon Font


Icofont is the most creative icon font you can download and use for 100% free of charge. This font includes more than 2100 icons in 30 different categories such as currency, social, branded logos, and more. One of the benefits of using this pack is it’s available in both SVG format and as icon font.

Font Awesome – Free Icon Font

font awesome

Font Awesome is the Internet’s most popular icon font featuring over 7000 icons. It’s been used by over 100 million websites, including brands such as McDonalds and Yale University. It packs lots of useful features. Self-hosting the icon pack is the ideal way to use it since cloud-hosted plans have usage limits.

Ionicons – Free Minimal Icon Font


Ionicons is another set of creative icons featuring minimal and simple designs. This icon font is made specifically for web and mobile user interface design and it’s compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. It features a total of over 1100 icons. It’s licensed under The MIT open-source license

150 eCommerce Icons with Icon Font

150 Ecommerce Icons with Icon Font

This is a collection of unique icon pack featuring a modern and minimalist icon design. It includes 150 different icons you can use in various eCommerce designs. The icons are available in EPS, AI, SVG, and an icon font version as well.

130 Vector Line Icons & Icon Font

130 Vector Line Icons & Icon Font

This bundle includes a mixed collection of useful icons related to entertainment, multimedia, online engagements, lifestyle, and more. The pack comes with a total of 130 icons that you can use as an icon font or edit and customize to your preference using its vector EPS and AI files.

Weather Icons and Icon Font

Weather Icons and Icon Font

Weather icons are often used in many different types of web and UI designs, especially in mobile user interfaces. With this pack, you get to choose from 42 unique weather-related icons. The icons are available in AI, PSD, SVG, and icon font formats as well.

32 Weather Icons and Font

32 Weather Icons and Font

Similar to the previous bundle of icon fonts, this pack features a set of minimal line icons. It also includes 32 stylish weather icons in multiple formats, including AI, SVG, EPS, and icon fonts. The clean and simple design makes these icons suitable for all types of business and professional designs.

Fontisto – Free Modern Icon Font


Fontisto is another great free icon font featuring a set of modern and stylish icons in multiple categories. The icons are fully scalable and look great on Retina displays. It’s completely free to use with commercial projects as well.

Dripicons – Free Vector Line-Icon Font


Dripicons is a collection of line icons featuring smooth and minimal designs. The icons feature modern layouts that are suitable for both web and mobile user interface designs. It’s also free to use with commercial projects.

Typicons – Free Simple Icon Font


Typicons comes with a set of lightweight and simple icons that works across both web and native app user interfaces. The font includes more than 330 unique icon designs in multiple categories and with scalable designs.

Modern Line Style Icon Set + Font

Modern Line Style Icon Set

If you’re a fan of line icons, this set of modern line icons is perfect for you. It features more than 300 icons. The icons are available in AI, SVG, PSD, and includes an icon font version for digital designs as well.

100 Transport Vector Icon Font

100 Transport Vector Icons

This premium icon font comes with 100 unique icons that includes all kinds of symbols and designs related to transportation and travel. It also comes in multiple vector file formats as well as icon font format.

200 Education Icon Font

200 Education Icon Font

A set of 200 unique icons made specifically for education-related designs. This bundle of icons comes in EPS, AI, and SVG file formats. An icon font version is also included for web and mobile UI designs.

1430 Line Icons Bundle + Font

1430 Line Icons Bundle + Font

This is a massive bundle of line icons featuring a wide variety of designs in multiple categories. This pack is perfect for modern mobile and web designs. The icons are available in vector format and font icon format.

Captain Icon – Free Creative Icon Font


Captain Icon is a modern icon font featuring more than 350 unique icon designs. The icons are ideal for crafting both web and mobile user interfaces. The icons come in multiple formats including EPS, SVG, PSD, and icon font versions.

Devicon – Free Fill Icon Font


Devicon is a free to use icon font featuring a fill-color icon design. The pack features many useful icons, especially related to web and mobile development. You can either use the cloud-hosted version of the icon font or self-host on your own servers as well.

Entypo – Free Clean Icon Font


Entypo is a free icon font featuring a minimal and clean design. This pack includes over 400 icons. Even though the font hasn’t been updated in a while, the icons are still relevant today.

Stroke Icons 7 – Free iOS Icon Font


This free icon font made by Pixelden comes with 200 unique icons featuring thin line designs. Each icon features a design inspired by iOS 7. This icon font is most suitable for website and web app designs.

5 Tips for Choosing an Icon Font

Here are a few tips to help you pick the best icon font for various types of web and UI designs.

1. SVG Icons vs Icon Fonts

There’s quite a debate going on over choosing SVG icons and icon fonts. While both options have their own benefits and downsides, some designers prefer one over the other.

Thankfully, most of the icon fonts on our list also include SVG icon versions as well. So we’ll let you decide which option is right for your project.

2. Make Sure it’s Responsive

Responsiveness of your icon font is probably the most important feature to look for when choosing any type of icon. This is also where icon fonts shine as they are usually responsive enough to look the same on all types of screen sizes and devices.

Although, it wouldn’t hurt to double-check to make sure the icons are responsive, especially if you’re using an SVG version of the icons.

3. Pick Appropriate Themes

Icon fonts come in various styles and themes. Such as outline icons, flat design icons, minimalist icons, and more. Depending on the type of project you’re working on, it’s up to you to find the right icon font with the appropriate theme.

4. Colors and Customization

One of the many benefits of self-hosting your own icon fonts is that it allows you to customize icons to your preference. Most modern icon fonts even let you choose from multiple icon versions, including fill and outline versions.

5. Free vs Premium Icon Fonts

Of course, if you’re on a tight budget, going with a free font is the ideal choice. But, if you can afford a few bucks, use a premium icon font. Not just to give a unique look to your web or UI design. But also to have full control over the icons and to be able to use them in commercial projects.

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