10+ Creative Graphic Design Blogs to Follow in 2024

Keeping up with the latest trends, techniques, and tools in graphic design is crucial for growth as well as inspiration in this field. That’s why you should always have good design blogs bookmarked on your browser.

In this post, we explore some of the top graphic design blogs you should follow to stay up to date on the latest in the design world. The list includes a variety of design blogs that cover everything from the nitty-gritty of the new trends to design tutorials, opinion pieces, and inspiration.

Whether you’re looking to refine your design skills, looking for inspiration for your next project, or just aiming to stay updated on the news, these are the blogs you must start following right now!

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1. Creative Boom

Creative Boom

Creative Boom is a blog made for creative-minded designers. This is one of the most reputable blogs in the graphic design landscape that’s been around since 2009 and is among the few that still get updated daily.

Creative Boom covers a wide range of categories from design news to tips, resources, and inspiration, which includes topics such as product design, photography, art and culture, illustration, and more.

This is a must-follow blog for graphic designers, illustrators, and artists.

2. Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid is a design magazine that’s been covering thought-provoking design guides and opinion pieces since 2011. Featuring a modern look and a different approach to covering design topics, this blog contains very interesting posts that are worth reading daily.

Inspiration Grid has a few different categories that range from design to photography, art, and illustration. It also covers news, branding, fashion, technology, and pop culture topics as well.

If you approach design projects with a modern mindset, this blog is perfect for you.

3. Dieline


Dieline is a contemporary design magazine/blog that covers design topics with an ultra-modern approach. Every article on the site has something valuable to enhance your skills and leaves something to think about as well.

Dieline publishes daily articles that showcase amazing branding designs, product designs, the latest trends, typography, and much more.

Add this blog to your bookmarks if you’re a designer with a focus on product or branding design.

4. The Futur

the futur

TheFutur is a fairly new blog created by the well-known designer, teacher, and founder, Chris Do, who is on a mission to “Teach one billion people how to make a living, doing what they love (without losing their soul)”. And that’s at the center of the contents of this blog as well.

TheFutur blog mostly covers advanced and technical topics like networking strategies as well as roundups, resources, and tips.

It’s a blog you should be following regardless of your skill level.

5. Abduzeedo


What started as the personal blog of the designer Fabio Sasso in 2006, Abduzeedo (also known as ABDZ) is now one of the most popular publications available in the design industry. It is now a large magazine with multiple writers and regular updates.

Abduzeedo mainly showcases great designs for inspiration as well as case studies and opinion pieces. These are covered under branding, illustration, typography, UI/UX, 3D, and graphic design categories.

When you want to find inspiration for a new project, Abduzeedo is a site worth visiting. It also has lots of case studies worth investigating.

6. Learn by Envato Elements

Envato Elements Learn

Envato Elements has developed an official blog for the design marketplace and it’s already populated with lots of valuable content. The level of quality and depth of the articles on this blog is quite impressive and most of these posts feature valuable insights from industry professionals as well.

Learn by Envato Elements features topics related to graphic design, web design, marketing, and video editing. We are excited to see how this blog will grow in the coming months.

It’s a must-follow blog to gain insights from industry veterans.

7. We and the Color

We and the Color

We and the Color is another brilliant blog that focuses on art and design. It covers trending topics, news, and guides to help you find the right approach to elevate your design projects.

Some of the topics listed under the design category include branding, packaging design, interior design, and product design. There are also other categories on the site worth checking out ranging from AI to fashion, architecture, and photography.

This blog is worth keeping bookmarked for both beginning and experienced designers.

8. Courtside by Dribbble

Courtside by Dribbble

Courtside is the official blog for Dribbble, one of the most popular social networking/portfolio websites for designers. While this blog doesn’t get updates as much as the other design blogs, it has some of the most in-depth guides and articles that are must-reads for all types of designers.

The Dribble Blog covers a range of topics under several categories. They are mostly related to UI and UX design, inspiration, design trends, and opinion pieces.

Keep an eye out for the valuable guides on the Courtside blog.

9. Yes I’m a Designer

Yes I’m a Designer

Yes, I’m a Designer is a new graphic design blog that comes from a small team of professional designers led by Martin Perhiniak, a veteran designer and an Adobe instructor.

The blog covers a range of graphic design topics, guides, trends, and thought-provoking opinion pieces that are suitable for all types of designers.

Even though the blog is not getting updated often, it still gets new articles every month and it’s worth keeping under your radar.

10. Eye on Design

eye on design

Created by The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Eye on Design is a highly regarded publication with an emphasis on quality above all else. This publication features opinion pieces that make you think deeply about your design choices as well as helping you to make a change with your designs.

Eye on Design mainly covers opinion pieces on trends in design as well as case studies. Sadly, it hasn’t been updated since 2022. But it’s still worth reading most of the articles on this site.

11. Identity Designed

Identity Designed

Identity Designed is a blog that covers interesting case studies and examples of great designs from the real world. As the name suggests, they are mostly brand identity designs.

Every case study has detailed descriptions that explain the design choices behind the project. There is a lot you can learn from these great design projects.

Follow this blog to find inspiration and learn from the best brand identity designs.

12. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love comes from David Airey, the same designer and creator behind the Identity Designed blog. Much like the other blog, this one focuses only on the best logo design projects.

The blog features a curated list of some of the brilliant logo designs from reputable designers. Be sure to follow the blog for regular logo design inspiration.

Bonus: Design Shack

Design Shack blog

Before you go, remember to add our little blog to your bookmarks as well. We also cover all sorts of tips, guides, and roundups related to graphic design, UX design, UI design, and web design.

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