Currently in development, Typekit should offer a font hosting platform to ensure copyright protection whilst at the same time attempting to smooth out differences in how browsers handle type.

So, how will it work?

“As a Typekit user, you’ll have access to our library of high-quality fonts. Just add a line of JavaScript to your markup, tell us what fonts you want to use, and then craft your pages the way you always have. Except now you’ll be able to use real fonts. This really is going to change web design.”

It’s a wonderful concept, and stands to usher in a new era for designers. The key to Typekit’s future will be getting foundries on board, and coming up with a feasible business model. Hopefully foundries will embrace the future of web design en masse, and Typekit will produce a service for which we’ll happy part with our money.

You can sign up for more information at the Typekit site.

Here’s to the future!