12 Laptop Screen Mockups

12 Laptop Screen Mockups
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Shadows and objects are separated, allowing them to be moved at will.

This 12 Laptop Screen Mockups bundle is an excellent tool for web or app designers looking to showcase their work in a professional manner. With an incredibly high resolution of 3800x2800px, these mockups provide attention to detail and precision. Fitted for a 15.6-inch MacBook Pro, the editable backgrounds and colors allow for creative flexibility.

Whether you are presenting to a client, updating your portfolio, or showcasing an app or website, these mockups offer a variety of customization options. The bundle includes named and organized layers, making it user-friendly and easy to modify. Designers can adapt the screen design, background texture, and colors, to complement their design. Screen gloss can be switched off or on and even device color can be changed via a fill layer.

The screen mockups work seamlessly for a variety of designs – light, colorful, or dark. Additional features include Depth of Field PS action that amplifies the focus detail of your design. Shadows and objects are separated, allowing them to be moved at will. This product is truly customizable, as it provides an unlimited number of variations.

Details & Features

  • High-Resolution 3800x2800px
  • 12 MacBook Pro Screen Mockups
  • Changeable Screen Design via Smart Objects
  • Changeable Background Texture & Color
  • Optional Gloss on Screen
  • Edit Device Color via Fill Layer
  • Separate Shadows / Moveable Objects
  • Fully Customizable / Unlimited variations
  • User-friendly: Organized and named layers

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the 12 Laptop Screen Mockups bundle for its professional, high-quality display and outstanding customization features. It’s a fantastic resource for designers, as it enhances presentations by providing a realistic depiction of their work. The user-friendly layout and unlimited variations give designers the freedom to tailor the mockups to fit any design style.