15 Photoshop Watercolor Brushes

They are conveniently stored in an .abr format, ensuring easy integration with your software.

The 15 Photoshop Watercolor Brushes are a versatile collection of hand-crafted tools, each designed to infuse authenticity into your works. Whether you’re an illustrator requiring fine details, a graphic designer seeking textures, or just looking for a unique touch to your greeting cards and invites, these brushes promise to revamp your design process and outputs.

Each brush comprising this exquisite Watercolor Brush collection is distinct, letting your creativity unfurl splendidly. They are conveniently stored in an .abr format, ensuring easy integration with your software. Moreover, the pack extends beyond just brushes, boasting an array of flora and fauna elements to enrich your designs.

While the brushes draw the limelight, the pack’s inclusion of two floral backgrounds diversifies its applications. These backgrounds, available in both png (with transparent backgrounds) and jpeg formats, serve as a splendid canvas to kickstart your design journey. To further ensure a seamless experience, a detailed PDF on brush installation comes along.

Details & Features

  • 15 meticulously crafted watercolor brushes in .abr format
  • Accompanying flora and fauna elements on a transparent background (PNG format)
  • Two lush backgrounds with floral elements (available in both PNG with transparent background and JPEG format)
  • An instructional PDF to guide through brush installation and utilization
  • Precisely hand-drawn brushes offering a varied range of textures
  • High-quality elements to ensure the sharpness and clarity of designs
  • Incredibly versatile, lending themselves to a plethora of design requirements

Why We Like It

We recommend the 15 Photoshop Watercolor Brushes for their quality and versatility. The array of textures offered by the brushes combined with the flora and fauna elements and backgrounds extend immense scope for creativity. Plus, the addition of an instructional pdf for seamless integration makes it an absolute delight for designers.