25 Summer Orange Lightroom Presets

25 Summer Orange Lightroom Presets
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Seeking something softer? Dial it back.

Capture the essence of summer with the 25 Summer Orange Lightroom Presets collection, featuring a warming palette of orange tones. This bundle offers 25 different Lightroom presets, each one offering a different variation of summery effects. The created effects are perfect for enhancing outdoor portraits, with a particular emphasis on beach photography.

These enhanced orange and teal Lightroom presets by SparkleStock are an updated vision of the classic orange and teal style, incorporating darker greens and subtler teals. The result is a harmonized and more visually pleasing look, ideal for summertime landscape and portraits. You’ll be provided with 25 Lightroom presets and LUTs, ordered by style to maintain a consistent aesthetic across your images and videos. Full support for Lightroom mobile is also provided, allowing you more freedom to edit on-the-go.

Thanks to support for Lightroom's Amount Slider, you have full control over the intensity of color grading. Want a more intense look? Turn up the intensity. Seeking something softer? Dial it back. This balance is perfect for adjusting the color grading strength according to specific photos. For example, you might opt for a more profound effect for beach scenes and a lighter touch for culinary shots.

Details & Features

  • 25 varied Lightroom Presets & LUTs, ordered by style
  • Compatible with Lightroom Mobile
  • Adjustable intensity with Lightroom's Amount Slider
  • Perfectly suited for summertime portraits and landscapes
  • Modernized take on classic orange and teal color pallet
  • Skin tone protection for natural-looking portraits
  • Consistent aesthetic throughout images and videos

Why We Like It

We love these presets because they capture the radiant spirit of summer with a unique and modern twist on the popular orange and teal color palette. They allow us to add professional finishing touches to our photos while maintaining the integrity of natural colors, particularly skin tones. Plus, the added benefit of on-the-go editing with full Lightroom mobile support makes it a must-have for photographers and casual users alike.